The AquaNinja® is an adventure arch above the pool, designed to be installed on a poolside.

The AquaNinja® conforms to the European standard EN 13451-1:2020-11 “Swimming pool equipment”.

The AquaNinja® awakens the “warrior” in all of us!

The challenge? Start in the water, cross above the swimming pool using only the strength of the arms, using the bars and the net.

Configuration in brief

  • the AquaNinja® is installed on the deck of the pool, indoors or outdoors.
  • the frame is bolted on chemical anchors to keep the deck watertight.
  • the frame does not touch the pool’s wall → no drilling, no leaning.
  • minimal water depth required: 1.30m
  • the net is available in various colors at choice.
  • the AquaNinja® can fit any pool gutter configurations, either with the standard installation, or with an adapter.
Photo de l'AquaNinja au dessus d'une piscine


Everything has been designed for a totally safe use.

  • the sockets that hold the frame may be blocked by a plastic cap, should the AquaNinja® be removed temporarily for an event or the winter season for example. The cap is flat and is not an obstacle or a risk when walking on the deck, even barefoot.
  • the materials chosen are particularly resistant and strong, with a 2 year guarantee. They last for years without losing their characteristics.
  • the AquaNinja® conforms the European standard EN 13451-1:2020-11.
  • no specific maintenance is required, except the usual routine maintenance: regular washing, tightening.

An advisor at your service

Your AquaNinja® specialist will help you design the course according to your pool’s configuration, select the right place on the pool deck, taking into account all the technical, aesthetical and budgetary requirements.

He/she will study various options together with you to find the solution that suits you best.

Call us or use the contact form to ask your questions and receive a detailed offer

Installation in brief

  • installation on the deck only: it does not matter whether the pool is empty or full.
  • the AquaNinja® comes in pre-assembled units, that are then bolted together on site.

Technical data

  • the core of the net is in stainless steel.
  • all steel components are in stainless steel (swimming pool grades 316/304).
  • the structure is designed to withstand 150 km/h wind loads.