The AquaClimb® 3D is a climbing wall specially designed to be installed on a poolside.

The AquaClimb® 3D conforms to the European standards EN 13451-1:2020-11 “Swimming pools equipment” and EN 17164:2018-12 ” Climbing/bouldering walls for use in the water area of swimming pools of public use “.

The AquaClimb® 3D consists of 3D contoured panels, with a shining ice finish. The panels are bolted to a frame in stainless steel (special grade for swimming pools use). The climbing holds start under the water level and allow a climb up to the top!

Since the system is modular, you can choose any width and height from 3 m to 5 m for standard models (even higher for our premium versions “Kurve” and “Luxe”).

Over 2,200 AquaClimb® have been installed in North America since 2002. They are now available in Europe.

The unique design of AquaClimb® 3D will become THE new attraction of your pool with its neat and pure look that shows a dynamic pool willing to offer sport and leisure specialty equipment.

The AquaClimb® 3D is available in 2 versions at choice:

Translucent panels that allow light to pass through, yet protect the privacy of users.

  • Ice” : colorless panels with a pure white ice effect
  • Glacier” : blue panels with an artic blue ice panel

Since the panels are square, you can turn them by a quarter of turn, by a half turn, and/or exchange them with another panel to renew the challenge!

Pricing varies according to configuration, finish and technical constraints, starting at € 15,000.00.

Opaque panels

  • Ascent” :  panels in blue / green shades
  • Canyon” : panels in grey / beige / brown

Since the panels are square, you can turn them by a quarter of turn, by a half turn, and/or exchange them with another panel to renew the challenge!

Pricing varies according to configuration, finish and technical constraints, starting at € 15,000.00.

An advisor at your service

Your AquaClimb® specialist will help you choose the equipment and select the right place on your pool deck, taking into account all the technical, aesthetical and budgetary requirements.

He/she will study various options together with you to find the solution that suits you best.

Call us or use the contact form to ask your questions and receive a detailed offer.


Configuration in brief

  •  the AquaClimb® is installed on the deck of the pool, indoors or outdoors.
  •  the frame is bolted on chemical anchors to keep the deck watertight.
  • the frame does not touch the pool’s wall → no drilling, no leaning.
  • minimal water depths: 1.80 m for 2m and 3m high models, and over 2.10 m for the higher models.
  • the AquaClimb® can fit any pool gutter configuration, either with the standard installation features, or with an adapter.


Everything has been designed for a totally safe use.

  • the swimmer starts climbing under the water level and is prevented from falling on the deck or climbing over the top; he always remains above water. The top safety panel may also be used for communication purposes (logo, marking, sponsors…).
  • walkers on the deck are prevented from accessing the front of the AquaClimb® equipped with holds.
  • the climbable panel surface is overhanging towards the water facing the pool, which prevents falls on the holds or on the panels: users fall directly into the water only.
  • the finish of the holds and panels is smooth and adapted to wet feet/hands use.
  • translucent panels (Ice and Glacier versions) allow full unencombered visibility of the pool and decks for monitoring.
  • the submerged panel and frame (first panel to start climbing) and the upper section are protected: no protruding element.
  • nowhere on the AquaClimb® is crushing, jamming, or shearing possible at all.
  • the sockets that hold the frame may be blocked by a plastic cap, should the AquaClimb® be removed temporarily for an event or the winter season for example. The cap is flat and is not an obstacle or a risk when walking on the deck, even barefoot.
  • the materials chosen are particularly resistant and strong, with a 2 year guarantee. They last for years without losing their characteristics.
  • the AquaClimb® conforms the European standards EN 13451-1:2020-11 and EN 17164:2018-12.
  • no specific maintenance is required, except the usual routine maintenance: regular washing, tightening.



Installation in brief

  • no plinth or concrete foundations required
  • installation on the deck only: it does not matter whether the pool is empty or full.
  • the AquaClimb® comes in pre-assembled units, that need to be bolted together on site → no need of a crane to bring them to the deck.
  • assembly time on site is short → the place of installation is unavailable for a half-day only.
  • if you choose to get the AquaClimb® installed by your staff, only minimal tools and a driller are required! A step-by-step installation guide online with video links will be supplied.

Technical data

  • 3D molded contoured polycarbonate panels, translucent (not transparent: Ice and Glacier versions) or opaque (Ascent and Canyon versions)
  • entirely modular 1 m wide stainless steel frame units (swimming pool grades 316/304), 3m, 4m, or 5m high, placed side by side.
  • the frames are designed to withstand 150 km/h wind loads.