The AquaZip’N® is an adventure zipline / rope swinging unit that launches the participants into the pool. It is designed to be installed on a poolside.

The AquaZip’N® conforms to the European standard EN 13451-1:2020-11 “Swimming pool equipment”.

The AquaZip’N® holds a hanging rope with knots at different heights to adapt to the sizes of the users of any age. The arching frame allows a dynamic entry into the water with a fun effect!

As soon as the user lets the rope go when entering the water, a self-retracting trolley brings the rope back to the start for the next participant and jumps follow each other quickly.

The use is simple and intuitive, even for the youngest.

Over 150 AquaZip’N® have been installed in North America since 2015. They are now available in Europe.

The elegant design of the AquaZip’N® suits all styles of sport and leisure swimming pool environments.

The equipment proves to be a real success as from the day of the installation, and success is ongoing!

Configuration in brief

  • the AquaZip’N® is installed on the deck of the pool, indoors or outdoors.
  • the frame is bolted on chemical anchors to keep the deck watertight.
  • the frame does not touch the pool’s wall → no drilling, no leaning.
  • minimal water depth required: 1.30m
  • the AquaZip’N® can fit any pool gutter configurations, either with the standard installation, or with an adapter.


Everything has been designed for a totally safe use.

  • once the user has started, the design of the AquaZip’N® eliminates swing back through its arching frame.
  • the speed of the rope coming back to its starting point has been calculated so that the user who just jumped into the water has enough time to leave the reception zone before the next participant grabs the rope.
  • nowhere on the AquaZip’N® is crushing, jamming, or shearing possible at all.
  • a pad secures the edge of the pool.
  • the sockets that hold the frame may be blocked by a plastic cap, should the AquaZip’N® be removed temporarily for an event or the winter season for example. The cap is flat and is not an obstacle or a risk when walking on the deck, even barefoot.
  • the materials chosen are particularly resistant and strong, with a 2 year guarantee. They last for years without losing their characteristics.
  • the AquaZip’N® conforms the European standard EN 13451-1:2020-11.
  • no specific maintenance is required, except the usual routine maintenance: regular washing, tightening.


An advisor at your service

Your AquaZip’N® specialist will help you select the right place on your pool deck, taking into account all the technical, aesthetical and budgetary requirements.

He/she will study various options together with you to find the solution that suits you best.

Call us or use the contact form to ask your questions and receive a detailed offer


Installation in brief

  • no plinth or foundations required.
  • installation on the deck only: it does not matter whether the pool is empty or full.
  • the AquaZip’N® comes in 3 pre-assembled units, that need to be bolted together on site → no need of a crane to bring them to the deck.
  • assembly time on site is short → the place of installation is unavailable for a half-day only.
  • if you choose to get the AquaZip’N® installed by your staff, only minimal tools and a driller are required! A step-by-step installation guide online with video links will be supplied.

Technical data

  • the railing system and proprietary self-retracting trolley bring the rope back to the original position automatically, in a quick manner to maximize throughput.
  • all steel components are in stainless steel (swimming pool grades 316/304).
  • the frames are designed to withstand 150 km/h wind loads.