Since 2002, AQUACLIMB has been creating innovative fun and sports equipment for the poolside, which can be removed / reinstalled :

After more than 2,300 installations in North America, AquaClimb®, AquaZip’N® et AquaNinja® are now available in Europe, adapted to the European standards EN 17164:2018 and EN 13451-1:2020.

Those products are the results of the expertise and collaboration of a specialist in adventure and leisure equipment for children and teenagers, Mr Russell MOY (32+ years of experience), with the globally recognized French climbing walls designer/manufacturer PYRAMIDE (34+ years of experience).

Our equipment offers safe adventure for all age groups.

Our products renew the attractiveness of the pools and bring in new users: children have fun, teenagers challenge each other, adults enjoy the fun of new activities. Everyone can experience the sensations of climbing and jumping in an aquatic environment, and test their resistance and balance with the thrill of adventure in total safety!

Self-esteem, exploration of one’s physical limits, sport and fun come together at the poolside and constitute the DNA of our AquaClimb®, AquaZip’N® et AquaNinja® equipment: an immediate success that lasts.

Consult our experts who will be able to advise you according to the depth of your pool, its configuration, your budget, your desire to stand out and your monitoring and attendance levels requirements.

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