The AquaClimb® Luxe is a high end, custom made, climbing wall specially designed to be installed on a poolside, or inside the pool.

The AquaClimb® Luxe conforms to the European standards EN 13451-1:2020-11 “Swimming pools equipment” and EN 17164:2018-12 ” Climbing/bouldering walls for use in the water area of swimming pools of public use “.

The AquaClimb® Luxe consists of 3D contoured translucent (not transparent) panels, with a shining ice finish. The panels are bolted to a unique frame in stainless steel (special grade for swimming pools use), very refined and light, with fixing systems that visually vanish behind the panels : panels look as if they were floating in the air! These unique models are created upon request, often for exceptional residences.

The climbing holds start under the water level and allow a climb up to the top!

Since the system is fully custom made, you can choose the width and height (from 4 m to 8 m).

Over 2,200 AquaClimb® have been installed in North America since 2002. They are now available in Europe.

Everything is custom made: various colors of frame and panels will adapt to your environment. If your swimming pool does not receive any public, you may free yourself from some constraints of the standard and let creativity lead the project.

The unique design of AquaClimb® Kurve will highlight your pool with its neat and airy look.

Since the panels are square, you can turn them by a quarter of turn, by a half turn, and/or exchange them with another panel to renew the challenge!

Pricing varies according to configuration, finish and technical constraints, starting at € 43,000.00.

Configuration in brief

  • the AquaClimb® is installed on the deck of the pool, indoors or outdoors, or inside the pool.
  • the frame is bolted on chemical anchors to keep the deck watertight.
  • minimal water depth required: 2.10 m.
  • the AquaClimb® can fit any pool gutter configuration, either with the standard installation features, or with an adapter.
Photo de l'Aquaclimb Luxe


Everything has been designed for a totally safe use.

  • the swimmer starts climbing under the water level and is prevented from falling on the deck or climbing over the top; he always remains above water. The top safety panel may also be used for communication purposes (logo, marking, sponsors…).
  • the climbable panel surface is overhanging towards the water facing the pool, which prevents falls on the holds or on the panels: users fall directly into the water only.
  • the finish of the holds and panels is smooth and adapted to wet feet/hands use.
  • translucent panels allow full unencombered visibility of the pool and decks for monitoring purposes.
  • the submerged panel and frame (first panel to start climbing) and the upper section are protected: no element protrude.
  • nowhere on the AquaClimb® is crushing, jamming, or shearing possible at all.
  • the sockets that hold the frame may be blocked by a plastic cap, should the AquaClimb® be removed temporarily for an event or the winter season for example
  • the materials chosen are particularly resistant and strong, with a 2 year guarantee. They last for years without losing their characteristics.
  • the AquaClimb® conforms the European standards EN 13451-1:2020-11 and EN 17164:2018-12.
  • no specific maintenance is required, except the usual routine maintenance: regular washing, tightening.

An advisor at your service

Your AquaClimb® specialist will assist you and design the installation adapted to your pool area and your desires, taking into account all the technical, aesthetical and budgetary requirements.

He/she will study various options together with you to find the solution that suits you best

Call us or use the contact form to ask your questions and receive a detailed offer


Technical data

  • 3D molded contoured polycarbonate panels, translucent (not transparent) in various colors.
  • stainless steel frame units (swimming pool grades 316/304).
  • the frames are designed to withstand 150 km/h wind loads.